Why CareSuite?

Efficient. That is the one word Parkview Health Services would use to describe CareSuite by QuickMAR. Internal tasks and the MAR process have been streamlined and their customers’ med passes and reporting capabilities have improved.

“We have so many benefits, and yet, once implemented, there is very little interaction between our pharmacy and QuickMAR that needs to take place regarding day to day tasks,” explained Paul O’Leary, General Manager for Parkview Health Services.

Before Parkview started using CareSuite, their biggest problem was managing paper MARs. They had portrait MARs and landscape MARs. Some customers wanted more information and some wanted less. They had 1, 2 and 3 copy MARs. As they transitioned their customers to electronic MARs, the process was simplified.

“The best part of CareSuite is that it makes the med pass so much more efficient and results in better quality of care for the residents that are being charted,” explained O’Leary. “Less errors, more time to care for patients, and the gathering of data that helps improve outcomes.”
Along with a simplified way to manage the MARs, O’Leary has found numerous other benefits from CareSuite:

Saves Time – “A lot of time was spent collecting paper MARs, making changes, printing and delivering them to the customer. All of those inefficient but vital tasks have been eliminated in the facilities that have moved to QuickMAR. The QuickMAR refill order process has also saved our pharmacy a great deal of time.”

Quality of Care – “Being able to offer a quality electronic MAR service has helped demonstrate to our customers that we are committed to finding better ways to service their facilities and the patients they care for.”

Ease of Use

Reliability – “In the event of an internet breakdown, CareSuite allows a home to continue charting meds for up to 7 days, and the system syncs up automatically once the internet service is restored.”

Parkview Health Services is a long term care pharmacy in Buffalo NY, serving clients throughout New York State. For more information on Parkview, go to www.parkviewhs.com.  Information on CareSuite can be found at www.quickmar.com.

QuickMAR President Discusses eMARs with ComputerTalk

Recently QuickMAR president, Stan Turner, spoke with ComputerTalk about how electronic medication administration records (eMARs) are contributing to managing long term care and how eMARS are allowing pharmacies as well as facilities to collaborate and measure performance.

In the interview Turner said, “With our software, they can actually get the full picture of exactly what’s happening in the building, with a specific patient. They can view their complete profile and see not just what their medication profile looks like at the moment, but they can track changes as well.”

For more information about how eMARs allow users to better measure performance and how they can help facilities improve the quality of care they provide, read the full interview posted on the ComputerTalk website.

CareSuite’s ePrescribing Video Tutorial

Did you know that CareSuite has an ePrescribing feature? This allows prescribers to “write” legal prescriptions electronically, without paper or physician signature. Prescriptions are sent to the preferred pharmacy, which is able to process that prescription without any additional paper documents.

Prescriptions are legal in all states, are sent in a secure fashion and follow the latest NCPDP standards.

We have put together an informational video that explains the ePrescribing feature, shows you how you can use it at your facility and answers commonly asked questions.

If you have any further questions or would like to start using the ePrescribing feature at your facility and need help getting started please contact Stan Turner at stan@quickmar.com or (208)999-3901.

Updating Your Policy and Procedures

Does your policy and procedures document still reflect the use of a paper MAR? If so, our QuickMAR services team is here to help you update your manual to reflect using an eMAR.

“Having an editable policy and procedure for QuickMAR is a great way to ensure all staff, new and current, have the same information,” explains Sarah Sisseck, Services Manager for QuickMAR. “This can take a lot of valuable time for staff to create taking them away from other important duties.”

Your policy and procedure section will be able to answer questions the staff may have as well as guiding them on the facility’s preferences. Having a P&P manual available will ensure procedures are followed perfectly. This editable manual will make it easy to keep the document current.

Compiling a P&P manual will take approximately two weeks. Questions such as if you use the bar code scanners during a med pass and if you use the QuickMAR inventory control features will help our staff get started on the document. Once a rough draft is complete, your facility will have the opportunity to make revisions before a final editable draft is sent to the facility as a link to print and edit.

Not every facility uses a P&P manual but every facility has staff that will ask for one. This task can take up to six months for staff to compile in their spare time at work. This is a great time saver and will pay off as a training tool for all staff, new and old.

For more information please contact us at services@quickmar.com or (503)765-1579 or visit our services page.

Post-Survey Coaching Available Through QuickMAR Services Team

Your survey is complete and perhaps your results for the medication management section were not as good as you would have liked. Our QuickMAR Services Department is here to help. They can help you respond with an action or corrective plan and offer solutions to your potential problem areas that will help you back into compliance as well as increase the future health of your program.

“Keeping your files in compliance at all times is key,” explains Sarah Sisseck, Services Manager for QuickMAR. “With our solutions, your facility should be able to continuously keep your records in excellent order, relieving stress and improving your facility’s day to day work flow as a whole.”

Our experts will discuss the marks you received on your survey and the program will be analyzed for a week. After this week we will share possible solutions for the diagnosed problems.

Pricing as low as $45 plus discounts for bundling Survey Prep with Post-Survey Coaching. For more information please contact us at services@quickmar.com or (503)765-1579 or visit our services page.

MHA Survey Results and Partner Event

During the MHA Conference in Las Vegas QuickMAR held its annual partner event. We bused everyone from the Bellagio to the Stratosphere where we had dinner on the 104th floor and took in breath taking views of the strip and the Las Vegas valley at sunset. During dinner, Stan Turner, president of QuickMAR, gave a presentation on the release of CareSuite by QuickMAR 3.2. He discussed new features such as document management and notifications. He also gave a preview of CareSuite Manager by QuickMAR.

After dinner anyone brave enough headed to the top of the tower and rode the Stratosphere thrill rides. We are happy to report everyone survived the rides and made it back to the bus in one piece.


MHA also released its annual Independent Long Term Care Member Study during the conference. Owners and operators of independent LTC Pharmacies were surveyed about the technology their pharmacies use. Electronic medical records (e-MAR) are currently utilized by 56% of respondents. We are pleased that, for the fourth consecutive year, QuickMAR continues to lead the market nationally, as the most widely used e-MAR by long term care pharmacies. Of those using an e-MAR nearly half (45%) use QuickMAR – more than double the next closest vendor (22%).

“As the most popular eMAR in the industry, QuickMAR has become a household name,” said John Purnell, vice president of sales. “However, our loyal customers are thrilled to discover that QuickMAR now offers much more than just a standalone eMAR! ‘QuickMAR Pro’ has been rebranded as ‘CareSuite by QuickMAR’, wherein customers can activate several included modules beyond the core QuickMAR eMAR module, such as ADL Tracking, Behavior Tracking, Charting Notes, Inventory Tracking, and more – all at no additional charge! For a nominal fee, customers can also add CareSuite Manager for Assessments, Care Planning, Billing, etc.”

The next conference QuickMAR will be at is the ALFA 2015: The Senior Living Executive Conference May 4-7th in Tampa, FL.

Survey Preparation

Are you expecting a survey in the near future and are concerned your MARs and other documentation are not up to par? If so, we can help you prepare for your survey and look at your MARs and other reports to highlight potential issues. This can be a stressful time and our QuickMAR Services Team is here to make sure you are prepared. Survey prep adds a fresh pair of eyes to see what you may have missed or forgotten to look for.

“When you see the same thing every day, sometimes you miss things that are right in front of you,” explains Sarah Sisseck, Services Manager for QuickMAR. “Areas of potential weakness are pointed out so you may make any needed changes increasing your odds for a healthy state survey.”

To begin, our specialists will discuss any concerns or areas you would like to specifically focus on. Over a two week period, your QuickMAR will be scanned and reports will show areas of potential weakness. Each week we will discuss our findings and at the end of the 2 weeks a final phone call will discuss resolutions and how they are going. The facility will be responsible for the corrections needed.

“I love this service because the survey is something everyone has to deal with,” Sisseck said. “It is a stressful time for all and it has been my experience that a fresh set of eyes see so much more. Not only does this help the state survey process but increases the health of the program usage internally.”

Prices are available upon request and is based on facility size and your current condition, in terms of medication. For more information please contact us at services@quickmar.com or (503)765-1579 or visit our services page.

Lunch Celebrating QuickMAR’s 1 Billionth Med Pass

Last month QuickMAR held a lunch for the employees at the Windsor House in North Carolina in celebration of their facility handing out QuickMAR’s 1 billionth med pass. The staff enjoyed a full meal including fried chicken, baked ham, mashed potatoes and gravy, string beans and dessert.

“The lunch was wonderful,” explained Wanda Askew, Memory Care Manager at the Windsor House. “We had a great time and the staff really enjoyed it. They felt very appreciated.”

Since 2007 QuickMAR has provided pharmacies and facilities like the Windsor House with easy to use software that increases efficiency and improves resident safety.

“As for QuickMAR, we love it,” Askew said. “It is a great asset to the Windsor House. It helps us with our med passes and helps it flow a lot easier. QuickMAR helps us to really get our meds out in a timely manner and provides us with the information we need.”

From all of us at QuickMAR, we’d like to thank you to all of our pharmacies and facilities for helping us reach the 1 billionth milestone. What do you love about QuickMAR? We’d love to hear from you!

CareSuite by QuickMAR Version 3.2 Announcement

Over the next month, we are excited to announce the release of CareSuite by QuickMAR 3.2, formerly known as QuickMAR Pro. Not only does it have a new look, it has some new features we are excited to share.

The first feature is the improvement of the display of side effects and drug label warnings. In previous versions, users were directed to a website where QuickMAR did a search to show the information from a public domain website. Now this data is available in QuickMAR and there is no need to search the web. The adverse effects are clearly stated and include a clickable link to show more information about a side-effect. This material is still found by clicking on the info button on the particular med tile.

Another new feature is document management which allows users to attach documents to orders and residents. Such documents could include prescriptions, resident information, admission documents and insurance cards. These documents can be uploaded as a pdf or image files such as a jpeg, gif, tif or png. A new paperclip icon on the manage order screen will show when a document is attached. After clicking on this icon users can view, print, edit, add and delete a document. This feature will help create a nice audit trail for your documentation.

Using CareSuite by QuickMAR caregivers can now set up notifications through text message, email and QuickMAR. When you log into QuickMAR there is a new notification icon in the upper right. An overlay window will show you the different notifications you have set up. Notifications showing information relating to chart notes, vitals, med inventory and discharges will ensure users stay up to speed. These same notifications can be sent out via email and text message.

There are many other new exciting features in CareSuite by QuickMAR 3.2. For a full list of new features and enhancements please click here and to watch a 3.2 Introduction Webinary please log into the training site with your QuickMAR username and password and click on the Introduction to Version 3.2 link. We will also be adding examples of these new features to QuickMAR University’s Training.

Personalized Coaching

You’ve been using QuickMAR for a while or maybe you’re new and only using the core features. CareSuite by QuickMAR offers a rich array of tools to help you with your daily tasks. With our personalized coaching service, we will provide in-depth guidance and coaching on the features you would like to implement in your facility. By using additional features such as ADL charting, behavior management and inventory control your facility will operate more efficiently saving your company time and potentially money as well as helping stay in compliance.

Personalized coaching allows facilities to utilize every feature of QuickMAR available. Many facilities start out using primarily the basic features to get started. There are numerous advanced features in CareSuite by QuickMAR that are not always taken advantage of.

“Many of these features have to be completed by the facility whether using QuickMAR, another program or paper,” explains Sarah Sisseck, Services Manager for QuickMAR. “Utilizing all these features will allow the facility to use just one tool, QuickMAR, for all its needs.”

When a facility has decided to utilize the personal coaching service, an in-depth conversation discussing the needs and desires of the facility as well as advice from our QuickMAR expert will narrow down what the facility would like to focus on. Interactive coaching sessions will take place with one or several people based on the facility’s needs. Further questions following the coaching sessions will be handled by the same QuickMAR specialist.

Major modules available for coaching include ADL charting, behavior management, inventory control, and management reports drilldown. Management settings modules include administrative settings, drop-down menus, order library and info orders library, security roles and notifications, just released in CareSuite by QuickMAR 3.2.

“Long before I started working for QuickMAR, I was a huge fan of this product,” Sarah said. “I am excited every time I have the opportunity to coach clients about these features. I know how much time and money can be saved especially when utilizing the advanced features. I want all of the facilities to experience the full benefits available through QuickMAR.”

The cost is based on the features being coached. Major modules are $135 each and management settings are $65 each. Discount bundles are available. Bundle one major module with one management setting for $155 or make your own bundle with two or more features for a 15% discount.

For more information please contact Sarah at sarah@quickmar.com or (503)765-1579 or visit our services page.