Lunch Celebrating QuickMAR’s 1 Billionth Med Pass

By April 1, 2015 Blog

Last month QuickMAR held a lunch for the employees at the Windsor House in North Carolina in celebration of their facility handing out QuickMAR’s 1 billionth med pass. The staff enjoyed a full meal including fried chicken, baked ham, mashed potatoes and gravy, string beans and dessert.

“The lunch was wonderful,” explained Wanda Askew, Memory Care Manager at the Windsor House. “We had a great time and the staff really enjoyed it. They felt very appreciated.”

Since 2007 QuickMAR has provided pharmacies and facilities like the Windsor House with easy to use software that increases efficiency and improves resident safety.

“As for QuickMAR, we love it,” Askew said. “It is a great asset to the Windsor House. It helps us with our med passes and helps it flow a lot easier. QuickMAR helps us to really get our meds out in a timely manner and provides us with the information we need.”

From all of us at QuickMAR, we’d like to thank you to all of our pharmacies and facilities for helping us reach the 1 billionth milestone. What do you love about QuickMAR? We’d love to hear from you!