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  • Staying compliant and ready for survey
  • Utilizing CareSuite to its full potential
  • Monitoring the quality of your QuickMAR usage

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Summary of Services

  • Review MARs and create ongoing monitoring
  • Provide personalized coaching for new or existing CareSuite features
  • Prepare for a survey, as well as the post survey responses required
  • Create facility Policies and Procedures relative to eMAR
  • Provide an on-site presence when you Go-Live

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eMAR Diagnosis and Monitoring

It is critical for safety and care that eMAR is functioning at its optimal level. If not the following problems often present themselves:

  • Orders are not reviewed timely or correctly
  • Caregivers may not be following correct procedures
  • Too many problems with orders
  • Not achieving the benefits desired

Our expert team can help you. This service is designed to identify and report any potential gaps or issues, and coach you on the tools that will help you fix them. We will educate you on best practices for optimal QuickMAR usage, and show you the tools that will let you monitor how you are doing so that you can avoid these issues as you move forward.

This offering is sold in three-month increments. The first month includes weekly meetings to review your situation, report our findings, and make recommendations. After the first month, we’ll meet every two weeks to continue the process. Prior to each meeting, we conduct a thorough review using a proven methodology so we can give you an accurate report card for your building.

Who Might Benefit

  • Facilities that are newer to QuickMAR or are struggling
  • Buildings who’ve had lots of recent turnover or lost key personnel
  • Management users who want to jump to the next level in their QuickMAR utilization
  • Owners or corporations who want assurance of the facility’s effective QuickMAR usage


1-25 beds = $295
26-50 beds = $395
51+ beds = $495

This pricing includes three full months of service.

In-service Personalized Coaching

CareSuite offers an array of tools, chances are you are only using a few of them. We provide personalized in-depth guidance and coaching on the additional features you want to implement.

This service would benefit facilities that

  • Are new to QuickMAR and are using only the core features
  • Need to implement new features due to compliance issues
  • Are looking to improve the service level to their residents

Cost is based on the features on which you want to be coached

  • Major Module: $99 each
  • Management Settings: $65 each
  • Or make your own bundle with three or more from either list for a 15% discount

Major Modules

  • ADL Charting
  • Behavior Management
  • Inventory Control
  • Management Reports Drilldown

Management Settings Modules

  • Administrative Settings
  • Drop-down Menus
  • Orders Library and Info Orders Library
  • Security Roles

Survey Preparation

Are you expecting a survey sometime soon? It is a stressful time, and surveyors typically devote a good portion of their effort to medications. We can help you get ready for your survey. We look at your MARs and other reports and identify potential issues. More importantly, we can help you address these issues so that the documentation is complete and accurately reflects the excellent care you provide to your residents.

We cannot guarantee your survey results, but we can use all of our experience and expertise to get you prepared for your survey. With this service, you will have our consultant on-call during your survey, and receive a brief post-survey results review.

Who Might Benefit

  • Those expecting a survey soon
  • Those conducting mock surveys for internal or corporate use
  • Those who suspect their MARs and other documentation are not up to par


Price will be quoted upon request and is based on facility size and your current condition, in terms of medications. Price ranges from $95 to $895. For rush jobs, a surcharge of 20% will apply.

Post-Survey Coaching

Perhaps you just completed a survey, and the results were not as good as you would have liked for the medication management. If you need to respond with an action plan or correction plan, we can help you. There will be features, reports and best practices we can suggest that will address the issues in question. This will help you develop the response to your survey authority, and also provide you with a plan that will help you have better results in the next survey.

Who Might Benefit

Anyone who just completed a survey, particularly if they need to submit a Plan of Correction


Price will be quoted to you upon request, and is based on facility size and your current condition, in terms of medications. Price ranges from $45 to $295.

Receive a 20% discount on this service if you bundle it with the Survey Prep service.

Policy and Procedure Authoring

Many facilities that implement eMAR forget to update their Policies and Procedures to reflect this new way of doing business. The best facilities typically have Policies and Procedures in place that address the use of an eMAR. These would need to address passwords and security, reviewing and entering new orders, reporting, data privacy and security, etc. We can help you create this document. We will conduct an extensive interview to understand your preferences, then create the policies and procedures for you. We will deliver those to you in the form of an editable text document.

Who Might Benefit

Every facility whose P&P documentation has not been revised to reflect the use of an eMAR



On-Site Presence for Go-Live

If you are preparing to go live with QuickMAR, you may like the added comfort of having a QuickMAR expert on-site the day you go live. They will be able to answer your questions, observe and advise on your processes, resolve some technical issues, and coordinate with your partner pharmacy. Mostly, having a QuickMAR expert on site can provide a great deal of comfort if you are worried about your upcoming Go Live.

Who Might Benefit

Those about to go live with QuickMAR who would like additional assistance to assure a smooth experience


$1,000 per day, with a 2 day minimum, plus travel and expenses

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