CareSuite 4.4 is NOW available. New and amazing features in this update include Calendaring, Wound Tracking, Intake/Output Tracking and more. These features are included with CareSuite at no additional cost. An administrator can simply login in to CareSuite and upgrade today!

How do I activate these features?

To upgrade to 4.4, an administrator can login to CareSuite and select ‘Check for Upgrades’ under the ‘Help’ menu.

Want to learn more?

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Why You Should Be Excited About CareSuite 4.4

To learn more visit our release notes article.

Here’s a peek at the NEW 4.4 Features:


Intake/Output Monitoring

  • Record intake/output at any time
    • Intake Route
    • Track Intake type (fluid, meal, snack, etc.)
    • Track Output type
    • Volume consumed/discharged, or percentage consumed
  • View a log of all I/O over a period

Wounds Management:

    • Log when a new wound exists, including wound characteristics
    • Complete a wound assessment online, or
    • Attach a wound assessment document, including photos
    • Create a care plan, to be administered in the Med or Treatment pass
    • Track the wound progress in Wound Assessments
    • View a summary of the Care History for a wound
    • Track the wound progress, until it is Resolved
Wounds Tracking CareSutie by QuickMAR eMAR and EHR Software

Resident Calendaring:

  • Ability to track resident appointments with CareSuite
  • Appointment banners will appear as reminders in the resident’s Med Pass screen
  • Create ‘Preparation Instructions’ to appear within the appointment banner in the Med Pass
  • Create tasks associated with an appointment
  • Create reminders for Tasks at a certain time before the event
  • View all resident appointments in a single place
  • Reminders can appear above the resident’s Med Pass screen
Calendaring Feature CareSuite by QuickMAR eMAR and EHR Software
Calendaring Feature Scheduling Outings CareSuite by QuickMAR Software