Survey Preparation

By April 2, 2015 Blog

Are you expecting a survey in the near future and are concerned your MARs and other documentation are not up to par? If so, we can help you prepare for your survey and look at your MARs and other reports to highlight potential issues. This can be a stressful time and our QuickMAR Services Team is here to make sure you are prepared. Survey prep adds a fresh pair of eyes to see what you may have missed or forgotten to look for.

“When you see the same thing every day, sometimes you miss things that are right in front of you,” explains Sarah Sisseck, Services Manager for QuickMAR. “Areas of potential weakness are pointed out so you may make any needed changes increasing your odds for a healthy state survey.”

To begin, our specialists will discuss any concerns or areas you would like to specifically focus on. Over a two week period, your QuickMAR will be scanned and reports will show areas of potential weakness. Each week we will discuss our findings and at the end of the 2 weeks a final phone call will discuss resolutions and how they are going. The facility will be responsible for the corrections needed.

“I love this service because the survey is something everyone has to deal with,” Sisseck said. “It is a stressful time for all and it has been my experience that a fresh set of eyes see so much more. Not only does this help the state survey process but increases the health of the program usage internally.”

Prices are available upon request and is based on facility size and your current condition, in terms of medication. For more information please contact us at or (503)765-1579 or visit our services page.